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  On the Events page I need you to post the prices if they would like to do more than one thing.   

      Music Business Seminar - $75

      Music Business Seminar and Observing Coaching - $100

      Observing Coaching - $50

      Performer for Coaching - $100

      Music Business Seminar and Performer - $150


2.  Synopsis of each event

     Music Business Seminar

        Tips on how to get started in the music business

        Different jobs in the music industry

        What to do now to grow your talent

        Question and Answer Time


      Performing and Coaching Seminar

        24 Performers will sing 2 to 3 songs 

        Original songs are encouraged but should be copyrighted

        Feedback will be given about voice, performing, and song

        Open seating for observers to learn from 3 hour seminar

Waiver of Liability 

Event Information

Emergency Contact 

Registration Fee

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