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My studio differs from the normal voice studio. Most teachers teach only classical voice, but I teach Classical, Musical Theater, Pop, Country, Alternative, Contemporary Christian, and all other forms of commerical music. 


In lessons, we will work vocal technique that is specific to whatever musical genre we are working.  There will be warm ups given to the student to practice their specific  vocal techniques that need to be strengthen.  Proper diction, projection, mic techniques, and some music theory is focused in all lessons (all specific to the musical genre being studied).


Students work on performing skills in lessons and also given opportunities to perform outside the studio in many events.  Students are assessed and given opportunities to sing in competitions when they are ready.  Many students have participated on local, state, and national competitions.  I have many students that are singing paid gigs throughout Jacksonville.


Song writing is another part of the studio.  I have many students who write songs and we work on the song writing process.  Several of my students have had songs produced by well known producers in Nashville.


I have students working with Grammy award winning producers in Nashville and others who have been offered publishing deals.     


Teaching voice has been my passion, but it only scratches the surface of what all we do in lessons.  I assess the student's voice for range, vocal health, tonal memory, listening skills, and any weakness that needs to worked on.  Lessons are tailored to each individual on what needs improvement. 


I have many students that are asking for artist development.  If you are interested you will need to call me so we can discuss what all goes into this program.  One of the requirements is taking hour lessons which will focus on advanced vocal techniques, performance, microphone skills, and song writing.  This program will be tailored to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses.  It will require more performing outside the studio, auditions, and a strong commitment.  I will accept students into this program on an audition basis.

Learning Outcomes 
  • Stage Performance

  • Audience Engagement 

  • Proper Vocal Technique 

  • ​Vocal Health 

  • Songwriting 

  • Music Theory  

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